Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jobs and better Jobs

Every Sunday at church we stand and make a declaration about the things we are believing God will do for us. I believe with all my heart that God will do these things. This past week before our declaration they asked all who were believing for jobs or better jobs to raise their hand to receive prayer. I was one of the many who raised a hand to receive prayer. Now I ask all my friends to stand in agreement with me that God will provide a better job for me. I don't want to sound ungrateful for what I have but....
To better understand my desire for a better job you must take a glimpse at what I deal with every day.
I didn't always hate my job. When I got the job 5 years ago I was so happy. I was hired by my son's grandmother as a file clerk. I worked three days a week for $7.00 a hour. This was great for me at the time. A month later I was asked to come on full time due to the amount of work to be done. I was still happy since I could bring my kids to the office with me.
After six months I was moved up to head of the accounts payable and was given a $.50 a hour raise. Soon after that me and the kids moved from Clyde to Abilene to be closer to work and to live in one of my bosses rent houses. It was great.
Fast forward to now.. I now am the only person in the office i run the the accounts payable, accounts receivables, answer the phones, assist in purchasing, do cost management...ect..ect..
If it needs to be done I have to do it. And I am still making $7.50 a hour. Yes 5 years no pay raise. And that's not even the bad part.
The office I work in is horrid. Its filthy dirty. Trash everywhere. paper and food stacked everywhere. My boss has a pet bird that flies around the office and messes on everything.

I love the work, Love working in accounting. Its the people I have to work for that are getting to me. The office manager treats me like I am less of a person than him. The owner is so absent minded that she doesn't finish anything, and being she is my son's grandmother she feels she has a say in every part of my life. To make it worse the are none believers. I sit and listen to foul jokes and underhanded remarks about "pew jumping religious freak" like me.

I know that God has so much more in store for me. Please keep me in your prayers and stand in agreement with me that there is a better job for me. A place where I can glorify God in everything I do.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8 Things

Ok I will play along ( thanks Mom)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To

1. Spending the rest of my life with my wonderful Husband

2. taking a family vacation

3. seeing my brother graduate college

4. planting my flower garden in the front of my house

5. planning weddings and more parties

6. joining the ymca so I can take some arobic classes

7. Starting a relationship with my beautiful step daughter

8. working more with my Mom on her photography

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. have a deck built on to the back of my house

2. go back to school

3. be a stay at home wife and mother

4. build a relationship with my birth father

5. spend more time with my family ( extended)

6. go visit my cousin in north carolina

7. Go to Bethel in Redding

8. find my true calling in life

8 Shows I am Currently Watching

1. CSI New York

2. Without a Trace

3. Extream home makover

4. Numbers





Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trip to Dallas

Ok I know I haven't posted in a long time things have been so crazy since we got married. Between work and kids and adjusting to life.....CRAZY.
Me and Jeff took our first trip together. I must say I was a little nervous about going. We spent two days in the Dallas area. He had to tie up some loose ends from when he lived up there. We went to his old home town, The Colony, I was introduced to his friends...ahhh. We spent some time with my brother in-law and his family, They are the greatest. Jeff took me shopping. I got to go to Sam Moon and Ikea for the first time in my life , and I loved it. Then we made our way to meet up with his daughter. Kennedy is a beautiful 16 year old who I was so nervous about meeting. See Jeff's wife and Kennedy's mother passed away almost 5 years ago and Kennedy is not to excited about me. Well she showed it very well. When we got there she saw me in the car and walked away. Jeff went after her they talked for a few minutes and we left. I must say my heart was broken. She wouldn't even meet me. Jeff being the sweetheart he is tryed to make it better and kept telling me she was just acting like a brat, but it still hurt. I love Jeff with all my heart and I want to love her but she is not willing to give me any kind of chance. I guess I will have to try again another time, sooner or later she will have to meet me I am married to her dad. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Final count down

It is 2 days till the wedding or 50 hours if you like to feel the pressure. I am so excited to start our lives together. I feel like for the first time in my life I know where I belong. At my shower Sunday, Kathy asked " what is it that makes a bride to be glow" Several answered love, happiness, excitement all good answers but for me I think the " Bridal Glow" is coming from an anointing from God that I am finally stepping into the light of my destiny. And being Jeff's wife is a major part of who God created me to be.
And just for Pam ( this is my last blog as a single woman)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turn Around

Thank you all for your prayer. Thing have turned around for us. Jeff was offered a good job last night. My little Jacob was very ill this week was even in the hospital for a while but is now feeling much better and even went to school this morning. And I received my tax return. So we are going to be able to go this weekend and put a down payment on a car and start getting the things for the wedding, which by the way I have been able to reduce the cost by almost $400. Just goes to show I have the best group of praying friend God has ever blessed anyone with.
I love you all.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thing have been going great. Jeff and I had our first pre-marriage counseling session and Brandon only wants to see us one more time before the wedding. My wedding dress came in and is amazing. My Dad paid for my dress ( such a blessing). We were scheduled to sign papers on a new/used car this weekend ( most know I have been without a car for a year now, my boss has been letting me use the company truck,She has been a big blessing), we have lined out everything to set down and order all the wedding stuff. Then .......................Big bump in the road.
The IRS is a week behind in sending out returns ( I can handle this) Then Jeff calls, he has been laid off from his job along with several others. He was able to find something part time, but without a full time job there is no way we can handle the car payment. So I feel like I have to make a choice. See I can buy a used car ( cheap) which I a have to or I can have a wedding, but for now there is no way we can afford both. I know what I need to do but my heart breaks at the thought of calling off my wedding but we can always go to the JP and get married the wedding was just for me. I PRAY for divine intervention and that GOD provide a way for my needs and my desires to both be met. I hope all of you will pray with me and believe this will happen.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well we are 60 days away from the wedding. And starting to feel a little overwhelmed. We have made a lot of progress in planning. We have a place to get married, We have picked the flowers, the wedding dress, found someone to make the cakes. I have the room decorations all laid out in my mind. We start our counseling with Brandon on the 25Th.( Just pray there are no bumps in the road with that). Now we are just waiting on the money. And I am starting to get impatient. I need to file my taxes to get the money to pay for everything and my boss hasn't even started the w-2's yet. I hate having to wait on someone else to get what I need, and my boss gets in no hurry to do anything, if she knows she has till the 31st she will wait till the 30Th to start.
On a happier note we had Mom take our engagement pic Sunday and I think the are going to be great.

The song for my life